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Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018, 8:39:12

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The major aim of our project is to provide awareness of recycling which is a vital matter for both our nature and economy in our changing and developing world. Many items we use in our schools,offices or houses are recyclable but we see them as a waste unfortunately. Papers, plastics, glasses, and even waste oil…

Firstly we are planning to do various important activities in our schools and immediate surroundings. Thus our pupils will become familiar with popular attitudes toward recycling and practice of recycling in the community. It also promotes an awareness of the finiteness of our natural resources and helps to conserve energy and natural resources. When you enhance your nature it means enhancing your future. By this way our pupils will raise awareness in their schools, community and they will take pleasure of taking responsibilty

When we will be in communication with our partners the pupils will learn about different cultures, lifestyle, inadequacies or superiorities on recycling in different countries. Because our pupils haven’t got any experience of living or going abroad.

We are planning to desing small but useful materials from recycled items for our schools,offices or houses. For example pencil cases,book markers, nicknacks or simple musical instruments. So it will enhance the pupils’independent creative skills.

 This project will be a chance to promote development of ability of effective cooperation in group,individual taking up and group decision. Finally they will gain awareness of being a conscios citizen and responsible individual


             Project financially supported by the European Commission under Lifelong Learning Programme, Comenius Sectorial Programme The content of this information is the sole responsibility of the authors. The National Agencies for EU Programmes in Education and Training and the European Commission are not responsible for how the content of the information will be used. 

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